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The Mammogram
Happy 19th Anniversary Rick!
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Happy 19th Anniversary Rick!
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The Mammogram

If you have not gotten your Mammogram,you should go! I went yesterday and it was a blast! This was my first one so of course I was very excited to see what this was all about! First, she plopped my boob on the thingy. Then went back to take the pic while my face was plastered against the side of the machine. I stand there thinking, well, this is totally fun. Then she comes back and says, hold on, something is not working right. She adjusts the machine, then re-plops my boob on there again. Tries to take a pic, No go. I broke the machine. Yeah, that's how I roll. So we had to wait for the other room to open up and use that machine. I sit in my pretty pink wrap around shirt, waiting by myself in the cold air conditioned room. Finally, the next room is available. Boob #1 gets it again This time it took, yeah!!! Ok on to #2. So I got 4 smashing's this time, plus the two that did not work the first time. So 6 smashing's! Wonderful! They send me out to the waiting room because my #2 boob looked funny. Ok, they call me back in for more pics of #2. Yippe, I get more smashing's! All is finally over with a total of 10 smashing s. Perhaps that is a record? Oh but wait, I do get to see the ultra sound tech. I have a lump. The ultra sound was nice and warm. At least that was relaxing for the 10 seconds it lasted. Good news though, The lump was nothing. Now I can rest knowing I am fine for a while. if you have not had a chance to have this much fun in a while then I please make your appointment today!