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My friend Charlene

My friend Charlene.  I met Charlene when we started school the summer of 1978.  We were in second grade.  Our parents would get together and play cards and us kids played together. 
Charlene and I have always gotten along. I can't remember ever having a fight with her. We would play hop scotch, jump rope, or play on the monkey bars on the playground together.
We attended all the same schools up through graduation.  In Jr. High we both joined the band, playing the clarinet.

My Friend Ronda

28910 1441398164176 1509730373 31138010 4267884 sJuly 1978.  My family had just moved to Apple Valley, Ca and we were living in a mobile home park in a travel trailer until our house was done being built. There were 4 of us and 2 big dogs in that trailer.  I thought it was fun but my mother will tell you otherwise!  My brother (who was 5) and I would wander around the mobile home park looking for things to do. 
I remember shortly after we moved in we became friends with a cat.  That cat belonged to some people 2 spots down.