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The Mammogram
Happy 19th Anniversary Rick!
Happy Birthday Allisyn!
The hair salon flood
For Mommy

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I miss my grandma.
Happy 19th Anniversary Rick!
Being Thankful!
My father-in-law
Glitter in the air.


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The Mammogram

If you have not gotten your Mammogram,you should go! I went yesterday and it was a blast! This was my first one so of course I was very excited to see what this was all about! First, she plopped my boob on the thingy. Then went back to take the pic while my face was plastered against the side of the machine. I stand there thinking, well, this is totally fun. Then she comes back and says, hold on, something is not working right. She adjusts the machine, then re-plops my boob on there again. Tries to take a pic, No go. I broke the machine. Yeah, that's how I roll. So we had to wait for the other room to open up and use that machine. I sit in my pretty pink wrap around shirt, waiting by myself in the cold air conditioned room. Finally, the next room is available. Boob #1 gets it again This time it took, yeah!!! Ok on to #2. So I got 4 smashing's this time, plus the two that did not work the first time. So 6 smashing's! Wonderful! They send me out to the waiting room because my #2 boob looked funny. Ok, they call me back in for more pics of #2. Yippe, I get more smashing's! All is finally over with a total of 10 smashing s. Perhaps that is a record? Oh but wait, I do get to see the ultra sound tech. I have a lump. The ultra sound was nice and warm. At least that was relaxing for the 10 seconds it lasted. Good news though, The lump was nothing. Now I can rest knowing I am fine for a while. if you have not had a chance to have this much fun in a while then I please make your appointment today!

Happy 19th Anniversary Rick!

19 years ago today @ 2:00pm I married my best friend. We were married at the church I grew up in. 
Two years prior to that date we met, for the first time.  A mutual friend, Gary & his wife Chris set us up on a blind date.  We met at their house.  Our first meeting wasn't all that exciting.  I remember chatting and serving up ice cream for everyone. After a few hours Gary & Chris kicked us out of their house and we went our seperate ways.  I thought Rick was nice but he didn't ask me out so I assumed nothing was there.

Happy Birthday Allisyn!

On March 27th, 14 years ago today @ 3:00pm a little girl was born.  She weighed in at 5lbs 11oz. She had a tiny bit of hair that was blonde and no visible eyebrows.  She came out very alert and had pretty blue eyes. 
Still in the hospital.. The 4 generations of girls.
It seems like just yesterday we were planning the nursery for our new baby. It is hard to believe how fast time goes by.  Sometimes I long for when she was little and I could pick her up and we would play games or sing silly songs.

The hair salon flood

The last 2 days the temperature has been below zero.  Yesterday when I got to work I did not have any water for a few hours.  Then, I did have hot water, but no cold water.  So my toilet would not flushand my two sinks were plugged and would not drain for some reason. 
I was going to leave the water faucet dripping last night, knowing that it was going to be way below zero but I did not want my sink to over flow because of the water not draining so I opted to not leave it dripping.

For Mommy

Allisyn Loves You Mommy!(: Teehee I Hacked You. Your Laptop Is Cuteee. Your My Favorite Mommy.(:

My friend Charlene

My friend Charlene.  I met Charlene when we started school the summer of 1978.  We were in second grade.  Our parents would get together and play cards and us kids played together. 
Charlene and I have always gotten along. I can't remember ever having a fight with her. We would play hop scotch, jump rope, or play on the monkey bars on the playground together.
We attended all the same schools up through graduation.  In Jr. High we both joined the band, playing the clarinet.

The posessed toilet, so I thought.

I was in my shop the other day when my toilet started making this really weird noise. I also heard a loud vehicle running outside the back window and noticed a Roto Rooter truck there.  That explained the funny noise coming from my toilet.  So I figured the tanks were backed up in my building.
The noise started getting worse and before I knew it the toilet looked like it was posessed, it was spewing water everywhere and gurlgling!
Julie was with me, the daughter of the people that own Cinco De Mayo (the Mexican restaurant next door) and we kind of looked at eachother as if to say, "Is the toilet gonna blow up"?

Memories with my brother.

Growing up in a southern California high desert, there isn't much to do.  My younger brother and I would spend our days outside riding bikes, playing in the dirt or wasting water from the hose.  We spent a lot of time making mud.  We would also dig holes and make little bridges for his toy trucks to go through.  I would make mud pies and we would leave them out for a few days until they hardened from the desert sun.  We dug a lot of holes.  One day we dug a hole so big (I think it was 1 1/2 feet) we thought we had dug to China!

Christmas Past

The Cardboard Santa
We had our stockings hung by the chimney with care.  Mine was red & white checked, my mom made it out of flannel material when I was little.  I forget what my brothers looked like, it was probably blue.  When I was about 9 and my brother 7 we had a large piece of cardboard. My dad drew a Santa face  and a few other things on it. (My dad has a hidden talent) we loved that picture of Santa and displayed that big piece of cardboard for all to see.

Family Road Trips

For as far back as I can remember my parents would take us on a trip 2000 miles away to Cincinnati every other year to visit family. We always went in July when us kids were out of school and my parents could take time off of work. Each trip had something memorable about it.  I only remember the ones when I was a teenager. 
My brother (who is 2 years younger) and I had to share the back seat of the pontiac hatchback. One time my parents put the hatchback down and I slept, literally all the way there, 5 days of driving 2000 miles.

Glitter in the air.

I went out around 9:30 this morning to warm up my truck.  I thought it felt rather cold outside but I wasn't sure of temperature.  I started it up then headed back to my front door.  The sun was shining brightly and the snow on the ground was reflecting the light.  As I was walking back I noticed how the air seemed to be sparkling.  It actually looked like clear, sparkly glitter was being swirled around through the air.  It had to have been little frozen particles of ice that were falling off of the trees, I can't imagine what else it would have been but the sight of it was so pretty!  It was very suttle and I don't think my camera would have captured it but I can see it in my mind and now have another new memory of this beautiful place in Oregon.  By the way, when I got in my truck to drive to work the temperature thing said 8 degrees. 

My Friend Ronda

28910 1441398164176 1509730373 31138010 4267884 sJuly 1978.  My family had just moved to Apple Valley, Ca and we were living in a mobile home park in a travel trailer until our house was done being built. There were 4 of us and 2 big dogs in that trailer.  I thought it was fun but my mother will tell you otherwise!  My brother (who was 5) and I would wander around the mobile home park looking for things to do. 
I remember shortly after we moved in we became friends with a cat.  That cat belonged to some people 2 spots down.

What do you want to do?

Rainbow in the back yardWhat is your passion?  What do you like to do?  What are you good at?  Some people can write some people can sew, some people make can make us laugh, even some people we know.  Some are good with kids and have patience to teach.  Some like to nuture and some are born to preach.  Some of us will do hair, or drive a bus or help a company not go bust. Although you may walk people's dogs or make a house out of logs it doesn't matter what your passion is because it is yours. So don't ever be afraid to teach people how to ski, ride a bike or take groups on a hike.  Learn to do what you have always wanted to do. Go back to school, crack some backs, do some nails or make coffee in a little coffee shack. Whatever your plan, see it through. No one can live your dream, only you.

My father-in-law

Ray & Judy at a birthday dinner for him.With Christmas just around the corner I think we all start thinking of people we love and people we have also lost.  I was thinking about my father in law, Ray who passed away almost 8 years ago now.  I can't believe it has been that long. I loved my father in law.  He was a special man who loved to tell stories. He worked for IBM and took an early retirement.  I only knew him for about 11 years before he passed but I enjoyed those moments.  He knew me when I went through beauty school and I learned how to trim a beard by practicing on him.

Driving lessons

Today started out like any other typical snowy day.  The kids are on vacation for Thanksgiving break and had had friends over for the night.  I started my truck to let it warm up around 9:45 am while I cleaned the powdery white snow off of it.  Then my 2 girls and their 2 friends piled in the truck.  I had the one girl sit up front that I was taking home.  She just lived on the next street over.  I was a little leary about driving in the snow because I didn't have my snow tires put on yet but I went slow and was cautious.

I miss my grandma.

Cindy & her grandma
I miss my grandma, my mom's mother. lately she has been showing up in my dreams and it is nice to see her again.  She would have been 100 years old this past October 20th.  She passed December of 2007, when she was 97. 
My grandma (Lois) was a very interesting person.  Ever since I was a little girl I loved to sit and listen to her stories of how life was.  She grew up in New York and was an only child. She loved to dance and was very popular when she was a young lady.

Our first November snow.

Just starting to snow, at work.
Today, I went to work.  When I arrived I unlocked my shop door, turned on the heater & lights and then plugged in all my rock lamps & nightlights.  I set up the  laptop, turned it on and started hot water for tea.  It was snowing today, the first snow of the winter.  I didn't expect any customers due to the weather but twopeople managed to brave the snow to get their hair done.  During my spare time I worked on my website and browsed around Facebook.

Being Thankful!

As November rolls around and Thanksgiving is in sight I start to think about all the things that have gone on this year in my life and all the things I am thankful for.  Every night, when I tuck the kids in bed we say what we are thankful for for that day.  In truth, sometimes I find it hard to come up with anything, I feel like it should be something great, on the contrary.  The kids and I have learned that we can be thankful for the things that seem trivial and they are still important.


The other day I got an email about dogs.  I was really touched by it and started to remember about all the dogs that I have had love me in my life.  So I would like to say thank you to all of them.
Moe the  black lab
 I don't really remember you because I was just a toddler but I know you let me climb all over you.
Heidi the German Shepherd
Heidi the German Shepherd/Lab mix.  You helped raise me and were my friend.  You would let me pick tons of fur from you when  you were shedding and you never complained.


this is the first blog I have ever written.  I have always liked to write so this will be fun for me.  I wasn't sure how to start my first blog so I will just tell you a little bit about me.  I have been married to a wonderful man for over 18 years now.  We have two daughters that are heading into teen-age years.  We also have 2 dogs.  Lilly is 5 and Chipper is 4.  I am a hairstylist.  I have been doing this for 18 years or more.  I love to cut hair and style it.